🌟 A Vision of Radiance

Step into a world where brilliance knows no bounds. Elizabeth envisions a future illuminated by the synergy of individuals and businesses flourishing, guided by the harmonious blend of holistic health practices and pioneering technology.

EFW Consulting, Elizabeth's brainchild, is dedicated to transforming this visionary world into reality, one valued client at a time.

🌟 Harmony between Health and Tech

Embracing the core values of empowerment, innovation, and well-being, EFW Consulting embodies the seamless amalgamation of Elizabeth's multifaceted journey. Our mission is to bring harmony to the realms of health and technology, painting a tapestry of boundless possibilities.

Step into a realm brimming with unlimited potential and aspirations that know no bounds. 🌟🚀


Elizabeth Fiorentino Williams, hailing from the vibrant landscape of North Carolina, extends her support globally to clients seeking transformation through the digital realm.

With over two decades of dedicated service, Elizabeth has been shaping the landscape of health and wellness since 1999. Initially known as "Naturally Complete of NC," her journey has now unfolded into a new chapter of holistic lifestyle and technology management solutions under the banner of EFW Consulting.

With a fervor that spans health, wellness, and the dynamic world of technology, Elizabeth's expertise has flourished over 24 years. Her depth of knowledge not only encompasses these fields individually but also bridges the gap between them. As an unwavering advocate, she's poised to steer you through your journey with insightful discussions on health, wellness, and tech.

Whether your quest is for insightful health and wellness counsel or an avenue into the realm of tech, CRM, and website solutions, Elizabeth and EFW Consulting stand ready to usher you into a future radiant with possibilities.

Together, let's build a brighter future!

Holistic Health Challenges for Transformation

Whether you're seeking a plant-based shift, habit transformation, or detoxification, our holistic challenges are your gateway to a renewed sense of vitality and wellness. Choose your path and begin your journey towards holistic health today.

Empowering Your Tech Journey

Our tech offerings are designed to empower your digital journey. From diagnosing technical issues to hands-on support, we're your partners in conquering the digital realm. Embrace a seamless tech experience that empowers you to harness the full potential of your devices.

Elevate Your Experience: Tailored VIP Support

Whether it's health advice, tech solutions, or a harmonious fusion of both, our VIP support guarantees an unparalleled journey to well-being and digital empowerment. Elevate your experience with EFW Consulting's tailored VIP offerings.

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What We Offer

10-Day Detox Challenge


Guide, Tips, & Suggestions

Dietician Approved

21 Days

21-Day Habit Tracking Challenge


Guide, Worksheets, & Accountability.

Proven Tactics

10 Days

30-Day Transformation Program


Guide, Grocery Lists, & Meal Plans

Dietician Approved

30 Days

Basic Tech Support


Get help diagnosing issues and software recommendations.

1 Q&A Weekly

Hours of On-Demand Training

Intermediate Tech Support


Fix technical problems and assist with hardware/software installation.

1 Q&A Weekly

Hours of On-Demand Training

Advanced Tech Support


Comprehensive solutions for technical issues and/or setup.

1 Q&A Weekly

Hours of On-Demand Training


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